As Lara World Hotel, we organize day tours for our guests who want to visit historical and touristic places.

Antalya City Tour

Antalya is one of the most visited city in Turkey. Take a stroll through the historic city of Antalya on this full-day city tour. Kaleiçi offers you a unique experience with its historical and fun places.

Belt Boat Tour

After collecting our guests, we will move to Kemer harbor. From here yacht trip will start. On a journey with a view of the forest full of magical greens, swimming stops at different bays and a visit to the island of Rat. There's going to be a delicious lunch on the boat.

At about 16:30 we will return to the harbor and move to our hotel.


Your holiday in Antalya is not complete without rafting in Köprülü Canyon, located in Beşkonak. The water of the Köprülü river is glass clear. This wide river flows calmly between the extraordinary nature of the Köprülü Canyon National Park. It is not surprising that this river has become a popular tourist activity center for visitors.

The expert rafting guides in the National Park will provide the group with the necessary information on safety procedures and equipment use.

Rust Tour (Perge, Aspendos, Side)

In Perge you can visit the city fortress, the Roman pool, the columned road, the agora and the stadium. Then we will go to Aspendos.

The theater, whose excellent acoustics has been preserved to the present day, is the best among those in Asia Minor. Everything spoken at the bottom of the theater is perfectly heard and understood at the top. Lunch will be eaten at a nice restaurant by the river.

After that we will go to the ancient city of Side and visit the magnificent agora, theaters and temples.

Demre - Myra Tour

Demre was one of the most important cities of the Lycian civilization. 25 km west of the town of Finike, 48 km east of Kaş. Demre is a settlement dating back to the 5th century in the early Hellenistic period. During the reign of Theodosius II (408-450 BC), the city became the capital of Lycia.

The city's reputation is not only based on Lycia, it is also recognized by the whole Christian community as a center of pilgrimage and the place where diseases have been cured. The most important reason for this reputation is that Santa Claus (St. Nicholas) lived in Myra. For this reason we will visit first Nicholas Museum. Afterwards, the journey will continued in the ancient city of Myra.

After this full tour, we will return to our hotel.

Termessos Tour

Termessos Antique City is located 30 kilometers northwest of Antalya. The average height of the sea is 200 meters from the travertine around the Antalya Mountains 1.665 meters in height, on the top of the Gulluk Mountain is built on a natural platform.

Termessos has a different and impressive atmosphere than other ancient cities with its peaceful and untouched appearance. Because of its natural and historical riches, it is included in the National Park which is named after the city. In contrast to the Roman and Greek cities, Termessos was founded by Solymn, who came from Anatolia.

Manavgat Boat Tour

Manavgat river boat tour and Manavgat waterfall tour is a nature tour and sightseeing tour. Manavgat is famous for its river and waterfall.

In this tour, we will go to the world-famous Manavgat waterfall. You can sit in the tea garden around the waterfall and enjoy the cool views of the Manavgat waterfall and the sound of the waterfall, soak up your soul and cool off with the Manavgat waterfall and the river fund.

Manavgat waterfall is not as high as other waterfalls, but it has high flow power. Our tour continues in the Manavgat river with a boat tour which lasts for about three hours.

If you are on your lucky day, you can see the water turtles and pelicans on the Manavgat river yacht tour.

There is a swimming break on the sandy beach where the fresh waters of the Manavgat river and the salty waters of the Mediterranean meet. Here, you can swim in the river or in the sea.

Lunch is served on the boat.

Pamukkale Tour

With its white limestone, Pamukkale is a true natural wonder. It was found 90 m above the valley and formed 3 km long sediments. Hierapolis, which will take you to ancient times, is located very close to the terraces.

After dinner, we return to Antalya, via Korkuteli through Toros Mountains.

Cappadocia Tour

The region, which includes Nevsehir, Kirsehir, Nigde, Aksaray and Kayseri, and is generally called Cappadocia, is the windy and soft layer of volcanic terrain created by Mount Erciyes, Mount Güllu and Hasan Mountain some 60 million years ago. It is a highly characteristic region, shaped by erosion with rain water.

Although the basic conditions of this region are natural conditions, the lives of the fairy chimneys carved by the human hand, the real magical side of Cappadocia.

The traces of human life in this region go back to the Paleolithic period. The area once inhabited by the Hittites became one of the important centers of Christianity. The underground cities, fairy chimneys and caves in the region allow Christians in the region to be safe in privacy during the Roman Empire, when Christianity was forbidden. There are many churches carved into the rocks in the region and established in underground cities.


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